Quartet – Jean Rhys

The most horrifyingly sad book I've ever read. I am stunned. The author's voice pierces through like a knife. Know what you're getting into before you pick this one up. Articulates painful knowledge of life that hopefully, most will never know.

Concrete – Thomas Bernhard

Recommended to me by an author/book reviewer whom I greatly respect. I am still in the corridors and winding staircases of Viennese musicologist Rudolph's mind. If I were to liken it to music, it would be György Ligeti's The Devil's Staircase. Caught between vertigo...

After the Blue Hour – John Rechy

A book about the revelations of truths. Where things may or may not be what they appear until the explosive climax. The book takes its name from The Blue Hour, those moments of twilight that are described as the time where things are clearest yet most mysterious. 24...

Novel with Cocaine – M. Ageyev

Dark, dirty, unclean, much wisdom in its pages, the story set out what it intended to do. The drugs are actually a minuscule part of the book. The horror comes from the way the narrator's mind works and the actions that result from that. A friend pointed out that...

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