Codex Seraphinianus – Luigi Serafini

At the risk of using an overused phrase, this book blew my mind. Bizarre illustrations, written in a language and alphabet invented entirely by the author, the book forced my mind open in order to 'read' it. The only thing I could liken it to is a child who cannot yet...

Come Closer – Sara Gran

Taut, tightly written with a beautifully timed flow to the climax. An excellent book on the subject of demon possession. Gram expertly laces the ambiguity between possession and mental illness in a manner that brings to mind Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw. The...

All for Nothing – Walter Kempowski

All For Nothing, recently released by The New York Review of Books, takes place in East Prussia in winter of 1945 when the German army is in retreat and the Red Army is rapidly encroaching. There is a mass exodus of refugees fleeing in below zero weather, with over...

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The Literary Chick Interview – Lily Morris

The Literary Chick Interview – Lily Morris

The purpose of art is limitless and different for everyone. It’s a receipt of your life force, a map, a fantasy world, a mirror... so many things. If you’re asking what the purpose is for me, right now? In This 4am online chat with my brilliant friend Michael Corvo,...

The Literary Chick Interview – Adam Smyer

The Literary Chick Interview – Adam Smyer

Adam Smyer is the author of Knucklehead, which has been accurately described as “A fierce, intelligent, and often hilarious novel about a young African-Attorney who struggles to keep his cool in the personally and political turbulent ‘90’s”.  The Literary Chick was...

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