What books are currently on your night table?
Philip Roth’s the plot against america is on my night table for the obvious reason, the current problem in our country with creeping fascism.
What’s the last great book you read?
Last great book, Mating by Norman Rush published in 1991 and it was a huge hit but like so many great books seems to have been somewhat forgotten.
Which writers — novelists, playwrights, critics, journalists, poets — working today do you admire most?
Luc Sante, Geoff Dyer, Ian Buruma and Janet Malcolm.
What type of reader were you as a child?
I didn’t just love reading I loved owning books no big change there.
You are the creator and owner of the speakeasy bookstore Brazenhead books. How did Brazenhead come to be?
I have always read and collected books, Iworked at Argosy Bookshop for five years but the idea of owning a bookshop was always a fantasy. When I was a puppetteer I opened a puppet theater in Brooklyn which was large enough to have a bookshop in the front so I could start small and learn while I did it. After some time I decided to give up the puppets and concentrate on being a bookseller.
What is your fondest memory of Brazenhead?
Way too many amazing memories to pick one but all the best revolve around the way people here come together with each other.
What genre do you tend to sell the most of?
We sell mostly fiction and then I would say philosophy and poetry.
How do you choose what to buy to sell?
Purchasing stock is a very personal thing to me, i never buy collections but rather accumulate books one by one.
What is you favorite genre?
I have no favorite genres but I jump into any one where I find the writing I like.
Who are your favorite writers?
John Cowper Powys, Robert Graves, Jerome Charyn, David Lodge, William Boyd, Philip K Dick and Jonathan Lethem.
Which new writers are you most excited about these days?
David Burr Gerard,Scott Cheshire, John Wray, Aryn Kyle and Laura van den Berg, there are so many and I am lucky enough to meet many of them.
How do you organize your books?
My organizing is organic and idiosyncratic, it has to experienced I can’t explain it.
Where is your favorite place to read?
I recently got a house upstate and now all my favorite reading is done up there.
Whom would you want to write your life story?
I have so many writers that spend a lot of time around me, any one of them could write my life story. some one who can write and also knows me seem perfect.
What do you want to read next?
I never decide what I’m reading next until I’m actually finished what I’m currently reading
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