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The Literary Chick has a print column in The Rockaway Times and she’s published in the Los Angeles Review of Books with different articles and reviews.

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The Literary Chick’s contribution with Los Angeles Review of Books.

Also there’s a link to the interview with Kerry Wallach, ‘Under Illusions’, and the review about John Rechy’s first novel.

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The Literary Chick Interview – Lily Morris

The Literary Chick Interview – Lily Morris

The purpose of art is limitless and different for everyone. It’s a receipt of your life force, a map, a fantasy world, a mirror... so many things. If you’re asking what the purpose is for me, right now? In This 4am online chat with my brilliant friend Michael Corvo,...

The Literary Chick Interview – Adam Smyer

The Literary Chick Interview – Adam Smyer

Adam Smyer is the author of Knucklehead, which has been accurately described as “A fierce, intelligent, and often hilarious novel about a young African-Attorney who struggles to keep his cool in the personally and political turbulent ‘90’s”.  The Literary Chick was...

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