Brian Santo

Brian Santo is a journalist and avid reader who moved 3,000 miles from a city with one of the biggest independent book stores in the world to the city with the biggest independent book store in the world. And so it goes. 

Colin Edwards

Colin Edwards is a writer, radio producer, comedian, and playwright based in Glasgow, Scotland. Working primarily in radio he created and produced ‘The Franz Kafka Big Band’ for BBC Radio Scotland, a highly controversial show that made worldwide headlines. This was followed by ‘The Atrocity Machine’ for Channel 4 Radio as well as a large scale, feature-length audio adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Dunwich Horror’s for the 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival (Best of The Fest 2010) as well as producing and directing an audio exhibit for the Glasgow Science Centre. Colin has had his worked animated by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Sylvain Chomet, with whom he also collaborated on a radio show with for the BBC, and has written for both TV (sitcoms) and the stage as well as performing stand up comedy. He has written extensively on film, nearly always bringing in a comedic angle to his writing, as well as a number of humorous short stories detailing his real-life experience living in Glasgow and working in the Scottish media.

Recent Interviews

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The Literary Chick Interview – Lily Morris

The Literary Chick Interview – Lily Morris

The purpose of art is limitless and different for everyone. It’s a receipt of your life force, a map, a fantasy world, a mirror... so many things. If you’re asking what the purpose is for me, right now? In This 4am online chat with my brilliant friend Michael Corvo,...

The Literary Chick Interview – Adam Smyer

The Literary Chick Interview – Adam Smyer

Adam Smyer is the author of Knucklehead, which has been accurately described as “A fierce, intelligent, and often hilarious novel about a young African-Attorney who struggles to keep his cool in the personally and political turbulent ‘90’s”.  The Literary Chick was...

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